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Susanna Lenik

Lecturer &
cake designer

Professional confectioner and luxury cake designer with many years of experience.

Currently, he works in the best confectionery-bakery in Ukraine.

Award – National Restaurant Awards Salt 2001.

Organizer-curator of the master class of confectioners in Lviv and Kyiv.

About 300 satisfied students (confectioners) from all over Ukraine. During the lesson, the lecturer and her team created more than 8,000 cakes.

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Lecturer, restaurateur &
pastry chef

Experience in management positions in the restaurant industry for more than 16 years. As a lecturer, she also has extensive experience in founding new companies in the field of bakery and confectionery, which she draws on many years of experience gained through travel.

She was educated in world-renowned schools, with the best pastry masters:

  • at the very famous pastry chef Joakim Prat (England)
  • Culinary School VIP-Masters Patrik Kazula (world champion in pastry art)
  • Nicolas Pierot (French pastry chef – twice world champion in pastry art)
  • Lorano Moreno (French pastry chef)
  • Frank Michael (World Patisserie of the Year)
  • Marija Selanina International Pastry School in Barcelona (Spain)
  • Yan Deutch – pastry chef in Spain
  • Sandra Ornelas, head pastry chef of Valrona Spain
  • Ju Son – pastry chef South Korea
  • Nicolas Boussina – pastry chef and director of the new school center “Elle & Vire” in France
  • Yann Brys – pastry chef of the “Elle & Vire” school in France

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Alena Ujshag

Lecturer, confectioner &
cake designer

Alena Ujshag is a very well-known and popular lecturer. She has already received many awards around the world and her modeled flowers win first places in prestigious international competitions.

It has thousands of students in different countries, such as America, Israel, Ireland, England, France, Russia, Hungary, Germany, etc., and its students win first places in international competitions. Alena has years of experience, tests various materials for modeling and always brings something new to the world of flower modeling, among other things, her flowers are simply indistinguishable from living ones. She has a very simple technique that even a beginner can handle, if you want your edible flowers to look like they are alive, follow her technique in the video courses.

You will also discover the secrets of plastic sugar mass, tricks for chocolate flowers and the simplicity and ease of modeling flowers from edible paper.

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