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About Us

Quality Is the Best Recipe
We Love What We Do
Would you like to create an art that is so perfect and delicious to look at that it’s a shame to eat it? You can do it with us! For several years now, we have been creating unique 3D MoleekS molds with an original design and quality workmanship, which will make the look of cakes unforgettable and their production very easy.

Our forms are very flexible. They were made of high quality material – food grade silicone.

They give you the opportunity to work with more than 12 different materials, together with the original design they form a unique and highly sought-after product. Our unique 3D molds have become popular all over the world. Its uniqueness is not just a word, each of our forms is designed by me personally, inspired by nature, my own feelings, experiences, and last but not least, the wishes of our customers. They are made by hand and carefully controlled with the thought and imagination of what will be created from each of them under your hands.

Best Quality &

Do you still have doubts? Put on reviews from our customers, which we value very much. Thanks to this feedback, we continue to improve, it is our driving engine that motivates us and we are grateful for such amazing clients and their wonderful work, because Moleeks molds are used not only by the stars of the confectionery industry, but also by ordinary people. Here you can find all possible collections that we have released.
Authentic Tradition